994 Beranghi Road, Crescent Head 2440. AUSTRALIA

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Painting Commissions

We specialize in commissioned paintings for clients, corporate and private. Many people have a place that is special to them and would like to have a painting of that place. 

Gordon can paint a picture from a photograph or on site, so it doesn't matter where you are it is still possible to have a painting done.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


Below are some recently commissioned works that hang in their new owners' homes.  

The prices for commissions are consistent with the prices on other paintings in the website, usually based on size, however there could be some exeptions.


"Smokey Cape Lighthouse"  55x75cm


"Upper Nook Creek"




  "Crescent Head from Little Nobby" 160x40cm 

Gordon with Brian who commissioned the painting 


   "Sunrise Balmoral" is now in Canada


        "Balmoral afternoon"

      Lives now in the CHEP boardroom





"South West Rocks sunset"  90x32cm




"Pee Dee afternoon 11"  50x37cm  




"Balmoral "  75x55cm  



  "Girakool"  100x40cm







The Shepherds - commissioned painting