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                               Balmoral Beach Exhibition

                                         The Bathers Pavilion 








                              The paintings below are also available as fine art reproductions,

                         prices include framing and delivery in Australia


                     balmoral_beach_paintings  australian_landscape_paintings

                              "The Bathers Pavilion in Autumn"  100x40cm $2200 sold

                              available as a limited edition print 75x29cm



                              "Autumn morning"   60x45cm  $2150



                       "Sunrise Balmoral Beach" 90x32cm $1750     sold                  






                  :"Winter afternoon Balmoral Beach"   50x37cm  sold




             "Island corner"  50x37cm  $1100 



                 "Morning stroll"  90x30cm  $1950 sold



                  "Sunrise Balmoral"  75x30cm  $1350




              "Afternoon Wyargine Point"  90x32cm  $1750



               "Autumn morning"  75x30cm  sold     





                "Stormy afternoon Middle Harbour"   75x30cm  $1350 sold




                "Winter afternoon The Bathers' Pavilion" 75x30cm  $1350 sold




                 "Across the bay" 50x37cm  $1150




                    "Afternoon Awaba Street"  70x35cm  $1350 sold




                    "Autumn stroll"  50x37cm   $1150              



               Afternoon light Balmoral

                  "Afternoon light Balmoral"  60x45cm   sold



               Clear waters Edwards Beach

                "Clear waters Edwards Beach"  60x45cm  $1750 




                      " The Island corner"   100x40cm    $2000



               In the shallows

                        "In the shallows"   90x65cm   sold




                             "Rockpools"  90x55cm $2,750             




                              "Edwards Beach reflections" 75x55cm  $2,000



                  Sparkling morning Balmoral

                            "Sparkling morning Balmoral"  60x45cm  $1750



                  Morning sail Balmoral

                               "Morning sail Balmoral" 65x45cm $1750




                                   "Afternoon shadows Edwards Beach"  90X65cm  $3,000 



                           Young sailors

                                  "Young sailors" 60x45cm  $1750





                  The Bathers in morning light

                        "The Bathers in morning light" 75x55cm sold



                  The Bathers in morning light

                           "Raglan Street"  40x65cm  sold



                    Morning light Balmoral

                            "Morning light Balmoral" 90x50cm  $2750





               Winter moon Awaba Street

                    "Winter moon Awaba Street" 90x70cm  $3,000





               Saturday afternoon Middle Harbout

                            "Saturday afternoon Middle Harbour" 77x23cm  $1150   sold







                 Low tide Balmoral Beach

                             "Low tide Balmoral Beach" 70x50cm  $2000



                     The reef Edwards Beach

                                   "The reef Edwards Beach" 90x65cm  $3000





Limited Edition Prints

Most of the paintings in the exhibition are available as limited edition prints, they are printed using the highest quality pigment inks, Hannermuhle fine art paper and the latest Epson technology.

Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.



56x40cm  $225   framed $375

75x30cm  $225   framed $375  


If you would like more information on framing  please go to the framing page


                        The Island

                          "The Island"  limited edition print 75x28cm $225    framed  $375




                      "The Bathers Pavilion"   limited edition print 75x29cm $225  framed $375 




                                 "Sunny afternoon Balmoral"  limited edition print 75x27cm $225  framed $375





                             Afternoon Balmoral Beach 

                                   "Afternoon Balmoral Beach"       limited edition print 75x25  $225  framed $375




Contact Information

Postal address
1279 Nulla Nulla Creek Road. Bellbrook NSW 2440. Australia