994 Beranghi Road, Crescent Head 2440. AUSTRALIA

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                                                Painting Gallery One  


The paintings below are images of the original artworks and most are available as high quality reproductions

(giclee' prints), go to the prints page for more information. 

The prices include framing and delivery within Australia. 



                                      " Angkerle Atwatye "  ( Standley Chasm Creek)  75x55cm   $2750

                                        Limited edition print  54x39cm  $225   ~  Framed  $375







                                    " Afternoon light Main Beach South West Rocks"    sold




                                   "South West Rocks sunset 111"  75x55cm $2000



                                     "Morning light Upper Macleay"   60x45cm  $1500   sold



                                       "Wading spoonbills" 75x30cm  $1150 sold



                                     "The Grafton house"  75x55cm sold





                                    "The boulders South West Rocks"   75x30cm   $1350   sold



                                 "Bellbrook Bluff sunset"  37x70cm   $1500  sold



                                         "Sparkling Macleay ~ Kinchela"  75x30cm   $1150   sold 



                                     "Looking South from Hungry Head"    90x32cm    $1500



                                         "Winter moon Barnetts' Lagoon"    75x30cm    $1150  sold



                                    "Big Hill Beach afternoon"  90x30cm  $1500



                                         "The platypus hole Nulla Nulla Creek IV"   45x32cm   $775



                                     "Upper Macleay~ O'Neills"      45x32cm     $775  sold



                                      "Looking South from Delicate Nobby Headland"   90x65cm    $2750



                                  "Coonewarra" (home of the black swan)   50x37cm  $975




                                      "Afternoon light Burrega  Cutting"   70x37cm   $1500



                                      "Early morning Delicate Nobby"     90x32cm    $1500                     







                                  "Flynns Beach afternoon"   90x32cm   $1500  sold




                                      "Diamond Head"  90x32cm $1500



                                       "Sparkling water Town Beach"   60x45cm   $1500



                                     "Nulla Nulla Creek reflections II"  50x37cm   $975



                                     "Smokey Cape Lighthouse"  55x75cm   sold



                                      "Nulla Nulla Creek junction" 50x37cm   $975 sold



                                       "Upper Nook Creek"  75x55cm sold




                                      "Summer Island sunset"   75x30cm   $1150 sold





                                        "Sparkling morning Plomer Bay"  90x65cm   $3000



                                     "River bend Macleay River Bellbrook"  50x37cm   $975



                                     "Macleay River Toorooka" 75x30cm  $1150  sold



                                    "Kinchela reflections"   75x30cm  $1150 sold





                                       "Dove Lake Cradle Mountain"   100 x 70cm   $3950



                                      "Sunrise Balmoral Beach" 90x32cm  $1750 sold



                                      "Freycinet morning Tasmania"  120x45cm   $3000    



                                     "The hills of Nulla Nulla"  75x50cm  $1750        



                                    "Arakoon sunset"   75x30cm  $1200



                                    "Hell's Gate Lighthouse"   120x45cm      $3000   (The entrance to Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania named by the convicts sent

                                      to serve their time at Sarah Island)



                                    "Killick Creek morning Crescent Head"     90x32 cm   $1500  sold



                                  "Sleepy Bay Freycinet"    45x32cm   $750





                                  "Dusk South West Rocks"  110x400 cm sold

                             winner of the 2016 Adelaide Swift Memorial Art Award

                            limited edition prints are available of this painting  75x27cm  $175 unframed  $325 framed




                                   "Yarra River morning Melbourne"  90x65cm  $3500 sold



                           "Teeing off ~ Kempsey Golf Club  60x45cm $1500



                              "Sunset Crescent Head"  100x40cm  $2000  sold



                             "Whale of a day~ Lake Cathie" 75X30cm  $1150



                                   "Bartletts Beach~ Bonny Hills"  50x37cm  $975




                             "Gap Beach afternoon II"  75x30cm  $1150




                           "Front Creek afternoon South West Rocks"   75x30cm   sold




                             "Back Creek morning South West Rocks"   75x30cm    $1150




                             "Horseshoe Bay sunset South West Rocks"  75x30cm  sold     




                                   "Main Beach South West Rocks from Point Briner"  75x30cm  sold



                                    "Macquarie Lighthouse South Head Sydney"   75x30cm  sold




                            "Horseshoe Bay morning"  50x37cm  $975



                             "Sydney Harbour sunset 100x40cm  $2000



                              "South West Rocks from Arakoon Headland"  75x30cm  sold





                                "Bellbrook swimming hole"  75x30cm  sold 



                                "South West Rocks sunset Main Beach"  75x30cm  $1150 sold



                                " The Glasshouse Mountains"  100x40cm  $2000



                               "Beranghi Road after the rain"  37x50cm  $975 



                               "Big Hill morning" 50x37cm  $975 sold



                               "High tide South West Rocks"  75x30cm  $1150 sold



                                "The Macleay- Wallaroo Gap"  75x30cm  $1150



                                "The platypus hole Nulla Nulla Creek" 50x37cm  $975



                              "Incoming tide Grassy Heads" 50x37cm  $975



                             "Andersons Sugarloaf Nulla Nulla"  50x37cm  $975



                              "The old shearing shed near Barraba"  75x30cm  $1150 sold



                              "Wollomombi Falls"  75x55cm  $2000


                           armidale_ landscape_ painting_ armidale art_ australian_landscape_art

                             "Autumn morning Armidale" 50x37cm  $1150   sold                         




                            "Afternoon showers South West Rocks"  90x65cm $3000




                             "Beranghi sunset"  120x90cm  $4500




                               "Upper Macleay reflections"  75x55cm  $2000 sold




                              "Afternoon shadows South West Rocks"  90x32cm  $1500 sold



                            "Surf's up Crescent Head"  160x40cm sold



                              "Autumn morning on the Upper Macleay"  50x37cm   $975 sold




                            "Hot summers day Batemans Bay"    100x50cm  $2250



                            "Crescent Head sunset"  75x30cm   $1150 sold



                            "Sunset over the Nook"  70x40cm  sold



                             " The track to Grassy Heads Beach"  75x30cm   $1150



                               "Autumn morning Bellbrook"  75x30cm  $1150 sold



                               "Pandanas trees Little Bay South West Rocks"  40x33cm  $875



                                "Gap Beach afternoon"  40x30cm  $875



                                   "The sandy track Hat Head National Park"  75x30cm   $1150                              





                              "Sunrise Crescent Head"   75x30cm  sold




                          "Towel Creek muster "  75x55cm    $2000




                            "Manly Beach morning"  50x37cm sold




                            "South West Rocks sunset"  80x50cm   $2250 sold



                          Macleay river art, river paintings australia, landscape art

                            "The Macleay at Comara"  50x37cm  $975  sold




                            "Winter morning Jobes Mountain"  50x37cm  $975           




                            "Hat Head morning from the breakout"  75x32cm  $1150 sold




                              "Urulgurra sunset"  75x30cm   75x30cm  $1150  sold




                            "Gap Beach South West Rocks"  75x30cm  $1150




                            "Macleay River Pee Dee"  75x55cm  $2000  sold




                             "Nulla Creek reflections pm"  50x37cm  $975 sold




                               "Crescent Head morning" 80x30 sold




                                "Belmore farm"  75x30cm  $1150                        



                           newcastle_nobbys_beach_painting_australlian_landscape_ art   

                               "Nobbys Beach"  50x37cm  $975




                        "Hank and Charlie" 50x37cm $975          




                         "Hunter Valley morning"  50x37cm  $975





                   "Beranghi gums II"  60x90 $3250 sold




                             "Afternoon Racecourse Beach"  65x45cm  $1500




                            "Watonga Rocks Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie"  90x32cm  $1500





                           macleay paintings_ australlian landscape art

                              "Five Day Creek afternoon"  50x37cm  $975



                            crescent head painting- australlian art

                              "Dawn patrol Crescent Head"  50x37cm  $975 sold



                           souith-west_rocks_ art-   australian painting 

                               "Trial Bay breakwall"  50x37cm   $975                       






                   "Morning Korogorah Creek" 90x32cm sold




                   "Autumn morning Hat Head" 90x32cm  sold




                    "Last light Upper Macleay"  100x40cm  $2750 sold



                            "The Mighty Macleay"  $2250    sold               




                           "Jerseyville sunset II"  75x30cm  $1350 sold




                                "Farleys' farm"  100x35cm  $2250 sold




                  "Delicate Beach morning" 60x45cm  $1500





                             "Horseshoe Bay afternoon"  60x45cm sold




                            "Pee Dee pm" 50x37cm  $975 sold




                            "Lion island from West Head"  50x37cm  $1150 sold



                           south_west_rocks_ australian_painting

                              "Horseshoe Bay sunset" 50x37cm  $975 sold



                          jerseyville painting_australian_painting_art

                            "Jerseyville afternoon II" 75x30cm  $1150




                            "Kunderang morning"  70x50cm  $2000    sold




                           "Nulla Nulla Creek shadows"  35x70cm  $1500




                          "North Narrabeen morning"  75x55cm   $2000




                           "Narrabeen from Collaroy Plateau" 65x45cm $1500




                     "Red Head afternoon" 90x65cm  $3000              



                 newcastle_art_ harbour

                          "Newcastle Harbour reflections"  50x70cm  $2000



                          newcastle harbour painting   

                          "Heading home Newcastle Harbour"  50x37cm  $975




                        "Red Head Beach"   120x50cm $3950  sold  ( limited edition print $195 framed $375 )




                      "Thredbo River thaw"   60x45cm $1500



                    "Winter moon Nulla Creek" 90x65cm   $3250  sold



                                           "Sydney Harbour afternoon" 80x55cm $2000




                                                "Point Plomer morning" 60x45cm   $1750 Sold



                                                 "By the creek Hat Head"  50x37cm  $1250  sold



                                                    "Low tide Racecourse Beach"   75x55cm  $2250  sold



                                               "Five Day Creek shallows"  45x32cm  $875


                       "Dusk South West Rocks" 75x55cm  $2250  sold



                                 "Macleay Street Gladstone" 100x45cm $2850  sold




                               "Spring afternoon Nulla Creek" 60x45cm  $1500





                         "Low tide Crescent Head" 100cmx75cm $4000



                                            "Low tide Delicate Nobby" 45x30cm  $875 sold




                                                      "Afternoon Pebbly Beach"  150cmx100cm  $6,500 sold 





                          "Horseshoe Bay afternoon"   60x45cm   $2150 sold




                    "Kinchela morning"   90x30cm $2150 sold




                      "Greeen Point afternoon"   75x25cm $1150  sold





                                      "Crossing the falls"   120x50cm $4000 sold




                                   "Platypus hole Nulla Nulla Creek"   50x37cm $1150 sold






                    "Belmore wetlands"   100x35cm $2250  






                      "Wallaroo Gap"   100x35cm $2250   sold





                  "Dusk Nook Creek"   90x30cm $1950  sold





                  "Delicate Nobby morning"100x35cm $2250  sold             




               "Misty morning Pee Dee"100x80cm $4000  sold





                           "Jerseyville morning" 70x50cm $2250 sold





                 "Belmore River morning" 60x45cm $1950 sold





                       "Sand dunes Ryans Cut" 60x45cm $1500





              "Little Bay morning"  60x45cm   $1500




               "Waya Island Fiji"     90x60cm $3000      





                 "Bellbrook afternoon" 120x63xcm   $3000






                     "Galahs"  75x55cm  $2500 sold





                         "Afternoon reflections Nulla Nulla" 90x65cm $3000 sold       






                     "From the Breakwall South West Rocks"     sold                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            90x30cm   $1700  sold





                     "Pee Dee homestead"     90x30cm   $1700




                "Delicate Nobby Headland"  50x37cm   $975   sold 





             "Gap Beach South West Rocks" 50x37cmm  $975 sold





               "The Macleay River, Bellbrook"  50x37cm $1150  sold           





                  "Korora Creek" 75x55cm  $2000





             "Beranghi flood sunset" 75x55cm  $2000





                  "Killick Creek"  60x45cm sold



          Please click on the images below to enlarge


                   "Jerseyville sunset" sold




                  "Sparkling morning Austral Eden" sold




                  " Hungry Head dunes"  sold




                 "Bellbrook sunset"  sold




                "Burrega from Pee Dee" sold




                    "Gone fishing Limeburners Creek" sold




                  "Goolawah sunset"




                 "Wisemans Ferry afternoon"




                 "Trial Bay Gaol"  sold




                    "Pee Dee homestead"  sold




                 "Afternoon reflections Delicate Beach"  sold




            "Euroka corn fields" sold




           "Bago morning" sold




                  "Autumn in the vineyard"




              " Towards the Heads Edwards Beach " sold




              "Afternoon South Cronulla"




              "Shane and Tim"  sold




                    "Working horses" sold




              "The reef Edwards Beach"




                "Mitch, Sophie and Hank" sold




                "Cloudy afternoon Lighthouse Beach" sold




                " Sand dunes Delicate Nobby"  sold




                 "Afternoon Little Bay" sold




                     "Kunderang muster" sold




                     "Afternoon Killick Creek"  sold





                       "Point Briner South West Rocks"    sold   




                      "The crossing Georges Creek" sold




                  "Afternoon The Nook"   sold




                 "Arakoon Headland"    




                     "Above the Bellbrook bridge" sold




                     "Kinchela sunset" sold




                                      " Limeburners' Creek oyster lease"  sold


























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